Easter TriState Event

The upcoming 2019 TriState is to be held at ROTO in NSW. It will be hosted by the Jackaroo Club of Victoria and will be joined by members from the Jackaroo Clubs of New South Wales, the ACT, the Sapphire Coast 4WD Club at Bega and ourselves, the Holden 4WD Club of SA. 

The Jackaroo Club of Victoria wish to invite you to the celebration of the twentieth TriState. It will be based at the Hillston Showgrounds in New South Wales.

In the year 2000 at the suggestion of our SA friends, 10 vehicles gathered at Mopoke Hut in the Big Desert of Victoria on the June long weekend. There it was decided to hold an event in 2001 “midway” between Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The spot where the lines met was on the trans-continental railway at Roto, just to the north of Hillston NSW. This decision lead to the first big Easter TriState event with the coming together of the Jackaroo and Holden 4×4 clubs. Since then we have enjoyed friendships, 4×4 driving, learning about Australia and supporting rural communities and the RFDS.

By joining us you will revisit the venue where it all began. For those of you who like history, the Victorian Club will provide each participant vehicle a USB stick with historical notes for your use in further research.

We will visit amazing Aboriginal areas and have lots of fun. Hillston Showgrounds is on the Kidman Way which could provide you with a launching pad for travels further north or into the outback or Mungo National Park.

Contact Alan Dash or Greg Moore at backtoroto@gmail.com